Tack and Tail will take you on a journey of owning, training and breaking in horses from little part of the world known as Quairading, Australia, where rain is always welcome and the land is sparse.

The diverse ‘herd’ consists of a 4.5 year old stock horse cross (Oakley), 3.5 year old welsh pony (Harley), 10 year old off the track thoroughbred (Baxter) and 17 year old Arabian (Kadill).

My name is Emma, I have been fascinated by the horse world for the last 28 years, being privlidged to observe, ride and own horses over that time has enabled me to develop my horse training and riding techniques that will now be tested and put into practice. You will get honest experiences about breaking in and training young horses with a bit of horse talk intertwined.

No matter how many years one has devoted to horses, there is always more to learn and understand about riding and training. I hope to give an insight to my experiences and enlighten you with all the trials and tribulations I encounter as I continue to learn.