Time flies and we come a long way since I last posted on Oakley!! We have had some training woes and minor battles and some huge positive steps forward. Our balance at walk, trot and canter has improved dramatically and I have been keeping on with obstacles as well as training to leg yield and half halts.

Here are some snaps of Oakley’s first clinic…

We have attended adult riding club, a games day, a dressage clinic and a few excursions to the vet… The trials and tribulations with horses, must always take the good with the bad and accept that things can come crashing down in an instant.

The prognosis after a visit to two local vets and then a trip to the city is a hairline fracture on Oakley’s pelvis. Oakley will have 6 months of rest and there is a good outlook for a full recovery. I am yet to understand exactly how Oakley managed to do this however, I am grateful that the prognosis was as it was and that only rest is required for recovery.