A fractured pelvis, strained tendon, severed leg and weird swollen lymph gland cant stop my enthusiasm for horses so I’m pretty sure nothing will!!!

What a massive four months of injury, heartache and healing we have had. Things can always be worse and I am a strong believer in taking the good with the bad and making the best of whatever situation you are thrown!

Oakley seems to be healing reasonably well, although I need to be really careful with his tendon and ensure it is completely healed before bring him back into any kind of work. His lymph gland seems to be reducing in size after a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Baxter’s leg is finally on the other side of the healing process, so much so that I was able to go for a small ride on the weekend!! Best feeling ever!!!! He felt completely sound in his gaits and I have all fingers and toes crossed that he continues on a positive note.

On another positive note… Kadill has been getting plenty of workouts, including an outing to our adult riding club (ARC). He is relaxed and working beautifully at home so our outing was a good test for him to see if he could contain his energy. Unfortunately he was quite highly strung for most of the day at ARC although we managed a few good moments and even braved a small trail ride out. Kadill was amazing on his ride out, relaxed and brave, I had every reason to be proud of him!