The most beautiful day.

Rain just seems to make everything better, paddocks are getting greener and puddles are everywhere… so Oakley and I made the most of it!

Continuing Oakley’s training, today we worked on more obstacles including water, logs, dam banks and moving around sheep.

We tested each gait and Oakley is improving his transitions from walk to trot to canter and vice versa. We can halt and backup and have started getting some response to lateral leg aids (moving off one leg at a time).

Today we also had some excitable moments where Oakley wanted to jump around… we avoided bucking with one rein stops and made the most of his responsive mouth, I had a few nervous moments that I pushed myself through. I think confidence makes all the difference on these long rides because Oakley gets his confidence from me as his trainer and rider. I’m ecstatic with our progress and how light Oakley is to my aids. My aim is that we can maintain this and improve on each ride. Work in progress!