So… I’ve been a little slack on the blog front! A little re-cap of my last two weeks of horse escapades will cover all the fun!


Our first get together for the year was held today! A great day out to catch up about our own progress with our horses and share some stories with lots of laughs! Baxter and I ventured out for the day to be amongst the 8 other horses strutting their stuff, all with different prospects and personalities. We have had a great start to the year with news our group has managed to get some funding to set up our arena and buy gear (great job Jacqui!!)… an exciting year ahead!


A day to learn a thing or two about campdrafting! Great day out learning to work cattle and more importantly, the mechanical cow! Even though I was horseless, I still was able to get amongst the action and have a ride on my good friend’s horse Taz (You’re the best Maxine!!). Here are some snaps of the lovely EWRC team in action!

Below photos: Maxine doing a great job negotiating the ‘mechanical cow’!!


We have been focussing on mouthing work with Oakley the past few weeks, starting our routine off by getting geared up with the lunge roller and bridle, then walking and trotting some circles in the round yard.

My techniques for mouthing Oakley can be found in detail through HORSEPROBLEMS AUSTRALIA website, I am following the same techniques developed by John O’Leary (a brilliant horseman in my opinion!!), grab a copy of his mouthing DVD, sit down and absorb all his training techniques and horse knowledge!


Kadill and I have worked on lots of flexing and bending to loosen up his tight muscles and encourage some suppleness! I’m finding my balance finding Kadill is improving his response to my giving and taking with contact on his mouth.


Baxter and I have worked on going forward and having a bit more ‘spring’ in his steps. Long and low work has helped to achieve this, Baxter seems much happier when he is able to stretch his head down and bring his hindquarters underneath, which is what working ‘long and low’ encourages. We still need to improve our bend and lateral work… will get out my exercise book for some suppling excercises to practice!!

The weather lately has been beautiful, so I’d be silly not to take the opportunity to go on some long trail rides. Photo’s speak louder than words, this is paradise in my opinion!

I love the contour banks… they are great obstacles for us to negotiate!

Bax has also had some time to get to know my son Jeb, who already loves riding Baxter!!