Sheep seem to be Oakley’s new favourite thing! The past month has been full of  rides with new challenging obstacles and moving a mob of sheep was the first challenge!

Steep slopes, mud, stepping over small jumps, logs, rocky outcrops and lots of cantering practice, Oakley will tackle anything!

We have also had a little excursion to Kellerberrin last week and went for a quiet ride around the Cross Country course with my good friend Tracey Hobbs and her Cleveland Bay, Smudge.

Oakley held it together brilliantly across the course walking quietly and happily the whole way… until our last leg when a car zoomed past and we had a bit of a shy, thank goodness Oakley is easy to pull up, he settled and stopped quickly, easily and went back to ‘chill out’ mode!!

Here are some sheepwork shots… riding on a loose rein and starting to teach Oakley to move away from my leg is where we are with our training progress.