I have been dreading writing this post… amongst the chaos of seeding on the farm, work, life  and squeezing in rides where I can I have  come to make one of the biggest decisions yet in my horsing career…

Kadill has gone on a trial/lease for 6 weeks to a local, trusted horse owner who works and rides using Pat Parelli training methods… having progressed to a level 3 liberty training. After the 6 weeks there will be the option to buy my beautiful boy.

This is a decision I have not made lightly, though in the best interest for Kadill as I am not able to give him the mental stimulation, time and training he deserves and thrives on.

I will miss his quirky and silly habits, always entertaining interaction with  Oakley, Harley and Baxter as well as huge love and sensitivity to myself and my son.

Must stop … here are some final photo’s for you to enjoy of the beautiful Kadill!