Being positive in your mind is the key to having motivation and being able to challenge yourself and your horse.

To have a ‘good’ horse ride (whatever you consider a good horse ride to be) make sure you get into the right mindset.

I like to think about what I want to achieve in my ride, for example today I thought ‘I will keep Kadill focused and listening to me throughout our ride today’… ‘If we lose focus we will change to a different workout and regain the focus’.

I also like to put perspective on why I am going riding and keep it positive… ‘this is my escape and a break from my usual day to day activities, I need some fun time’!

Then there is also the fact that Kadill is a bit podgy and needs to get fit and I need some exercise too!

The ride today achieved everything I hoped in regard to Kadill focusing and listening to me.

I have to give Kadill credit for his efforts, he tried so hard at everything I asked of him. Leg yields, transitions, maintaining a rounded back and ‘frame’ and using his hindquarters to achieve that.

I need to work on developing more muscle tone along Kadill’s topline, this will come with time and work that I put into him. I could feel his struggles to maintain his head position and work from his hindquarters… more so than last ride, fitness is needed.

We achieved a little in the way of progressing with Kadill’s training… any progress is good progress!

We still need to do some serious work following our Christmas and new year holidays!

Kadill and I on our ride.

So, what I can see here is, in the canter I need to pull my legs back and sit up taller by pulling my shoulders back and tilting my hips back. I also need to hold my legs steadier as they were swinging around a bit too much which may have also put my balance off at times. My hands could also be more upright and held higher above the wither, especially at trot as you may see from the photo below.

Kadill’s tummy looks a little huge here!

Post any comments to let me know what you think… constructive criticism is most welcome!