Groundwork with Oakley

Today, again we did some mouthing work on Oakley, he is taking to it like a duck to water. I suppose one of the great benefits of working so closely with a horse as it grows up does pay off! I have developed a great relationship with Oakley and am so proud to say that our trust and respect for each other goes a long way!

In addition our mouthing work, we tried on the stock saddle for the first time with Oakley. The additional weight of the saddle, compared to the roller I usually put on Oakley’s back, made Oakley turn to the saddle and have a little smell and inspection.

walked around with the saddle on, stirrups flapping around Oakleys belly, he managed it like a pro! We then trotted and had a little excited jump as though Oakley had only just realised he had a heavy saddle on his back!

We trotted a few circles and practiced our ‘one rein stops’ done from the ground by walking behind Oakley, using my voice to let him know we were stopping and putting increased pressure on one rein to move his head around to his shoulder and instigate the one rein stop

I then did some of the seven games with Oakley while he was saddled and bridled. I also put some weight on the sides of the saddle to assess his reaction… which was as I expected, unfazed!

Till next time