We are so fortunate in the country to have such happy, supportive horsey people. ‘Horsing Around Quairading’ is a very small adult riders group that gives the title ‘laid back’ a run for it’s money!

‘Horsing Around’ was established in 2008 with the intention of getting our horses together for a bit of socialising and to have some no-pressure riding fun!!

Today was our Christmas wind up… a barmy 37°C! Despite the heat it was lovely to get out, have a ride and chat to like-minded people from all different disciplines with all different horse goals, with the one most important thing in common… the love of the horse world!

Baxter felt the need to show off how clever he ‘thinks’ he is by practicing moving forward and long and low as we had been doing at home whilst also getting a bit of ‘shoulder in’ on the side… I did have to explain to him that nobody was noticing his new moves, not even his ‘girlfriend’ Sting, the little bay stockhorse, sorry Bax!

After a huge lunch spread it was time to take our full bellies and puffed ponies home, HAPPY ‘HORSING AROUND’ CHRISTMAS!

A few of our riding members! From left to right ~ ‘Nat’ the grey Arabian… bareback today to stay a little cooler, ‘Sting’ the bay stock horse and finally ‘Baxter’ my boy!

Baxter getting in some riding time.

Harley and Oakley… having some tucker while Bax is out!

“I’ll just sleep this one out thanks Bax” Kadill. It’s a hard life!!