Great forward moving, transitions and lateral work today.

Mr Baxter was taking a lot more responsibility for his own speed rather than relying on me to push him, go Bax!

To achieve our transitions, preparation was the key (as always), especially because Baxter is one of those horses that gets easily confused and doesn’t cope very well without ‘warnings’ that a change is about to happen.Just to clarify, the ‘warnings’ are half halts… leg squeeze, push seat, close hands and wiggle the inside rein all at the same time for about 3 seconds.

For lateral work I make sure that Baxter has the correct poll flexion, bend and that he is moving easily off my leg and moves according to where my weight is balanced.

Even good rides have ‘bumps in the road’… I got a decent ‘pig root’ today form Baxter, which was a little out of character. Also, he was a little stiff in his canter movement.

At the time I just thought he was being lazy and a bit naughty.

Well, this was a great reminder to ALWAYS listen to your pony… at dinner time, Baxter was lame on his left front leg, after inspecting the leg I’m suspecting tendonitis OH NO!!! Might be my last ride on Bax for a little while.