Progression is a very open ended word… I feel Kadill and I are progressing, although something still just doesn’t feel quite right, his hind quarters aren’t as active as I would like and I can’t seem to get Kadill to ‘work into the bridle’ as much as he is capable of.

So I ask you this… am I expecting too much of him following time off from work, for him be moving from his hindquarters and stretching long and low, or is it ok to accept where we are?

Also, is froth at the mouth or at the horses hindquarters a guide of how well the horse is working and relaxed into work?

I personally think it is improvement in my own riding what is needed, perhaps to still work on my own understanding of give and take… to measure up what ‘contact’ I need to have with Kadill to get the work out of him.

I love riding two horses like Kadill and Baxter (my off the track thoroughbred) who are so different, I definitely need to adjust my riding to their different mouths and work ethics!

So much to learn!