When problems arise with our horses it always takes us on the biggest learning curve. Some say all things come in threes… in this case it seems right as Oakley has also come down lame.

It has been a really bumpy road this week in the horse paddock with Baxter, Harley and now Oakley.

So it started when Oakley went lame. I originally thought it was just a sprain as he seems to love running around the paddock and tripping on logs or in holes. So with this thought in mind I did a cold hose on his sore leg and gave him some anti-inflammatory. The next few days Oakley seemed to improve so I didn’t go any further until one morning I went to feed him and he was lame again.

On close inspection of his leg and hoof I found some heat in his hoof and slight swelling in his coronet band. Once I cleaned his hoof out I found a small hole in the sole a centimeter from the frog and thought ‘HOOF ABSCESS’!

I did some research, called the vet and started foot soaks morning and night in Epsom salts, poultice with betadine and bandaged up.

With no improvement in his lameness, I had an experienced friend take a look, we scraped some more into the hoof and decided to keep soaking and dressing the hoof. A discussion with the vet to give and update of where we were up to also confirmed our decision to keep going with soaking and poulticing.

Today Oakley was even more sore on his lame foot and there was still no visiable abscess draining, so I called my farrier to come and do a little more investigation on the hoof. He found pain in the hoof where we had been treating it previously and clean blood.

Not a typical access was the verdict… oh no… it’s Sunday night and I’ll make a decision on his progress tomorrow and have a talk with the vet to see what direction I should take. The worry continues…