Kadill is and always will be, a character. He is definitely the most extroverted horse I have ever met!!

Our ride today was really good, he moved off my leg instantly and to the pressure of a flea, so nice! Also, his sensitivity to my seat, leg and hand aids is unreal, which means that he is able to teach me to ride consistently, as he stops every time I make a mistake and confuse him.

So, today I was able to practice more on my balance. With Kadills floaty, bouncy arabian trot and canter I need to be really well balanced so that my position is steady to give consistent aids through my hands, seat and legs.

lessons learnt:

1. Keep my weight off Kadill’s shoulders by sitting up tall. As soon as I lean forward Kadill slows dramatically… or stops!
2. Watch for the ‘lick and chew’ which, in Kadill’s words means… ‘GOT IT’ and I understand that one!
3. Next ride bring in the dressage whip to get those hind legs working more.
4. Keep relaxed and composed in all situations, don’t let anxiety rub off onto extroverted horses!