We went on an excursion to the vet yesterday afternoon to assess Baxters sore leg, as well as Harley’s runny nose and suspected hoof abscess.

45 minutes in the float and we arrived to assess the damage. Our vet found that Baxter has done some tendon damage in his front left leg so will be on a little paddock holiday for 6 weeks… luckily not a bowed tendon though!!

Harley has a cold, hence the runny nose and is now on antibiotics. The little man also has a hoof abscess in his left hind hoof, so a bit of pain relief and epson salt soaks were prescribed. Then we were off home with a hurting wallet and horses on pain relief.

This morning has been spent with a hoof in a warm epson salt bucket, cough medicine mixed with molasses and squirted down Harleys throat, anti-inflamatories dosed up, rugs off, fly veils on, pony dinners made all while little Jeb (my son) ‘chatted’ to the boys as we went along.

A day in the life of owning horses, some would say we’re mad!